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by Fran O'Reilly October 11, 2017

Women, where on earth would we be without them? Probably down the pub with our mates if we are completely honest. But on a slightly more serious note, they fill our lives with joy and meaning, they laugh at our terrible jokes and embarrass us in front of our friends when we try to tell extravagant, somewhat exaggerated stories, But we sure wouldn't do without them. Today I wanted to talk about just a small cut of topics that prove that we are very much different from our cute female counterparts, as we discuss Four Reasons Men Are Indeed From Mars And Women Are From Venus...


If I have learned anything from being happily married to my wife for all these years, it is that sometimes our lovely ladies can say things that they really don't mean. No, not ''it's pretty common and happens to other guys too'' or ''size is not everything!''. I am referring to that awkward moment that happens right after a heated argument or a strong disagreement, as the man asks ''are you okay, my love?'' the reply usually being ''Yes, I'm just fine.'' When in truth things are not fine at all, your other half is probably calling you every curse word in the book in her mind, itching to burst at the seams and for the argument to continue.

Usually they have this magical way of rushing about the home in almost a fast forward motion whilst proclaiming they ''are absolutely fine''. But keep your guard up, Brother. Because if I've learned any trick this is nothing more than a lie. My advice? Hide! And no, I don't mean hide away at the bar with your buddies, more like under the bed or out of mischief in the garden until the storm of all storms finally passes.


Have you ever arrived home from a busy day at work to be greeted with a sour face of thunder at the door? You know the sort I speak of, the face that looks like it has the world on it's shoulders without any real explanation, or at least to you as for why they may be feeling so glum? yeah, me too!

More often than not when we ask if anything is on their mind, or what has upset them to feel down in the first place we get that soul stabbing glare, followed by ''you know very well what's up!'' or something of a similar verbal value.

Whilst most men like to think they know just about everything, me included, sadly this is not the case, and we often have no idea as to why our good lady might be feeling a little under the weather, although we are seem to be expected as to know as to why this is so.

Please wifes, girlfriends, partners, side chicks, give us men a break! Whilst we proclaim to be a smarty pants and know the answers to just about everything, we are not mind readers, and sometimes we need a little guidance as to what we are supposed to have done wrong this time, otherwise how are we to help?


So, you are getting ready for a night out with your better half, and you hear a call from upstairs - ''Babe, can you come here a second? I need your opinion!'' Like the gullible fool I am I usually go straight upstairs and fall right into the trap of ''Does my bum look big in this?'' *GULP!*

My automatic response would be to say ''Hell yeah!'' but that is a compliment coming from a guy who loves big butts, and he cannot lie. But to your woman, that might be classed as a huge insult and another reason for them to take another outfit change for like the twelfth time in a row, and to think this is before we have even had a chance to step foot outside to enjoy the evenings plans.

I've learned a way to play the question back at my wife whenever she fishes for my opinion on an item of clothing to wear, whenever I am asked I reply with a question. ''How do you feel in it? ''Is it comfy for you?'' By answering the question with another question is seems to shine the light away from the initial question at hand, making things roll much smoother in the process for us all.


When it comes to the day to day woes and worries it seems us gents are somewhat more chilled than our good ladies. I usually tend to not let things play up in my mind if they are somewhat out of my control, after all if I just worry myself silly about these issues they won't subside when I'm done and will still remain afterward.

In my household we both share our concerns as and when thy should arise, be it financial worries, or a whole separate issue, we work great as a team. After we speak I then lock out my concerns in order to think clearer to help rectify them quickly. Whereas my wife usually holds onto the little problems making them appear much bigger than they actually are or need to be.

The same thing applied from my grandparents too. I guess most men are just really relaxed when it comes to these things. And it is not a bad thing that opposite sex usually approach issues differently. I feel it takes a good balance of both perspectives to make the wheels go round, for a figure of words.

When all's said and done, as much as we may differ, I sure wouldn't be without my partner in crime, also known as my wife, and I am sure many of our fellow readers will also feel the same.

Thanks for taking the time to read today's blog, please be sure to leave us your comments in the section you'll find provided below this very post.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

Fran O'Reilly
Fran O'Reilly


I'm your daily blogger here at 'The Beard Struggle'. Have a beard related question? Get in touch!

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