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by Fran O'Reilly May 11, 2017 0 Comments

I had a rather strange occurrence happen to me just recently on my daily commute, when I overheard two elderly folks talking amongst themselves about 'the young generation of today', and how times have changed for the worst. On the most part from what I managed to hear, I fully agreed with them as well.

They were discussing how weapon crime was a public outrage, and how they no longer felt safe on their own streets upon which they have lived most of their adult lives. They also chatted about how nobody respects the law these days and more specifically the police. How 'Bobbies on the beat' are no more, instead replaced by troublemakers of which intentionally cause trouble and break the law to pass time.

It is rather upsetting to think how times have changed, I think back to when my Grandparents were younger and how much safer the streets were. Weapon crimes were pretty much unheard of, and the children were just that, children. Not spotty faced troublemakers who shout abuse at their teachers, parents, police officers and anyone else who dare get in their way.

Whilst they were blissfully unaware of me ear wigging the conversation from close by that the two shared, and nodding away inside my mind agreeing, one stated to another that beards were also a growing problem.

''It seems every fella can grow a beard these days and nobody bats an eyelid!'' he said to his friend. Now, if you are completely thrown by what that sentence means, it is a rather British quote, so I'll pause right here whilst you take a moment to go and Google search it. Go ahead, I don't mind, honest.

I was now real interested by what the problem with a man's facial hair was here, so every man has the right to grow a beard, no? Again, what is the issue to be had??

''Well, I mean, all these beards do is make a man look much older than he actually is, almost like wearing a mask isn't it, it's a disguise! and should not be allowed!'' My jaw dropped to the floor to begin with. Then I had to pause for thought, and just laugh.

What this elderly chap was suggesting was that us bearded men grow a beard to hide behind, yep, your beard is nothing more than a mask that you grew upon your face to simply disguise yourself from the public. absolutely ludicrous, I know.

After I left and carried on with my day, I couldn't help but ponder back my thoughts over this chat the two folks had earlier on that same day. It got me to thinking, if these two chaps really believed this, then where on earth are they having the seed planted in their minds to grow out such a crazy story to begin with?

One of my only logical thoughts was possibly the media and the link with beards to terrorism. Sadly, most muslim extremists, also known as fuck*n' c*nts, have long extravagant beards, I guess you could perceive them to be a 'mask to hide behind', although many have facial hair for religious reasons. Whenever an act of terror is reported, the media often jump to all sorts of conclusions, labelling 'muslim extremists' in the mixer, often sported by a snap of a bearded terrorist for good measure. Maybe this is where the two chaps were mentally pulling their almost fear-like standing on beards from. Who knows.


It is a little sad that they felt this way, of course, because the vast majority of us bearded men are not trying to hide behind our face fuzz, but instead embrace the freedom to grow out our facial hair as we so choose to do so.

I didn't approach the two elderly gentlemen, nor did I interrupt their conversation to add my two pennies, should I have? Probably so, although I didn't want to cause any unnecessary conflict and argue on our clear differences of opinions. I guess these sort of situations and scenarios just make you pause for thought and think a little.

My apologies if you came searching for our daily blog post for some lighthearted humour and a cheeky giggle or two, it's just something that has been on my mind ever since it happened, and with this being a blog I wanted to voice my thoughts in written form and share them with you, our marvelous readers.

How would you have handled the same set of circumstances? Would you have spoken up? Or would you have left them to natter on just like me? As always let us have your thoughts in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

Fran O'Reilly
Fran O'Reilly


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