Here at 'The Beard Struggle' HQ we are constantly researching new possible ideas as we continue to bring our customers only the finest beard oil and tonics on the globe. We don't; nor would we ever cut corners when it comes to our products. Firstly, we specially formulate every drop of oil and closely inspect our balm in order to deliver our promise of premium quality each and every time. Today, we are going to take a look at our 'The Beard Struggle' Ultimate Kit...

'The Beard Struggle' Ultimate Kit contains everything you'll need to grow out and maintain a healthy, well nourished beard. Unlike some other beard oils that you'll find online, our starter kit has been backed by lengthy extensive research and vital customer feedback. Choosing to use this proven process grants us key information directly from our loyal customers, which continue to help us shape the present and future direction of the brand.

Sadly, there are many poor quality beard oils available to buy around the world wide web. If you choose to invest your time on a bad product you might be splashing a tacky poor product all over your marvelous beard and face without knowingly doing so. Now, I'm not here to bash anybody and everybody, as there are some brands out there that know what they are doing when it comes to beards, But speaking from personal experience I fully entrust the quality that is 'TBS', and that is coming from myself being a bearded fellow, not a walking, talking advertisement.

So, what does 'The Beard Struggle' Ultimate Kit include? It might be easier to say it doesn't! As we have stacked our starter kit full of of 'TBS' products. You'll receive our hand crafted 'Model V Type' beard comb, which is crested with our 'TBS' Viking emblem. Not only does this flip style comb work a treat at helping remove any tangles you may have within the beard, but it also looks the part too. You're guaranteed to turn a few heads when you show off your new comb to your fellow beardy chums. I honestly never leave home without it!

You'll also get 1 bottle of Night Elixir & 1 bottle of Day Tonic beard oil. I always express the importance of keeping your beard well hydrated, and these oils work a charm for both day and evening/night time use. Not only do they help eliminate beard dryness, but they also pack a pleasant yet subtle smell that lasts for hours.

Also included in your ultimate kit you'll find 1 Crimson Gentlemen's Balm and 1 Scorched Armor Balm. If you are yet to try our 'TBS' beard balms then I strongly suggest you give us a try. When you open the balm lid you'll be greeted by a firm, butter-wax like balm. When you begin to work the balm on your hands it instantly melts into a rich premium oil that just smells fantastic. Our balms grant you much better control of a wilder than your average beard, much like mine. You'll find that a good helping of 'TBS' balm will last you throughout your of the day, ready for a helping of 'TBS' oil in the evening.

You will also find included in your kit our 'TBS' Marksmen Radiance beard conditioner, and a Marksmen Radiance beard wash shampoo. If you are yet to try wash specifically designed for the use of your beard, you'll soon feel the difference after you have done so. Our wash and conditioner are closely formulated to grant you a fresh, clean beard without the need of harsh damaging chemicals. A little quarter sized helping will wash even the biggest of facial forests, as a little really does go along way.

To check out our 'The Beard Struggle' Ultimate Kit and all of our incredible range of beard care products, now including apparel, please click me!

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to leave us your feedback in the comments section you'll find provided below!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...


  • Jonathan Adcox

    @Michael Deatherage,

    Hey Michael,

    Thank you for responding. I can attest from personal experience that these products will help with the sharpness of hairs. How the products work is that the oils keep your face healthy, and keep the hair from drying out and becoming damaged. The, balm(s) help to condition the beard. Think of it like leave-in conditioner. This will do two things; first provide added prolonged nutrients to your Beard, second, the balm will soften the beard hairs making it less “Pokey”. The reason is, the balm is similar to the oils with a few added ingredients for your beard to provide a light hold (Bees wax), along with conditioners (Jojoba and Shea Butter).

    As far as how long it lasts and the monetary concerns:
    This depends on how long your beard is and how much product you use. A little will go a very long way when it comes to these products. I am not only an employee with TBS, I am also a loyal customer. I was a customer of theirs for two years before I became their writer. As such, you may expect these products to last you approximately a month or more. I would say no more than two months. Again this is dependent on how often and in what quantities you use them. Best advice is follow the usage cards that get sent with the products.

    As far as monetary concerns: I totally understand your concerns. You work hard for your money. Additionally, you have to justify this expense to the wife. I am married myself so I do understand. Remember, I was a customer before I began working for them. My honest advice for you from my own experience is this: their products are better than anything out there you can buy in a store. I would consider paying more for their products because they are worth it. I have learned in life that you get what you pay for. These products are 100% natural. No fillers or synthetic ingredients. Where as other products use chemical stiffeners and synthetic lubricants. These products can actually help to improve your health. I wrote an article about this based on scientific research. The Type of Onega-3s can be absorbed through the skin, resulting in higher levels of Omega-3s. Among other fascinating facts. You should dive into some of these articles yourself. I think you would like them and find them beneficial as well. Worst case Google the benefits of each of the ingredients listed… it might just sell itself.

    Have more questions? message Us on Facebook Messenger. They are pretty fast at responding (time depending; everyone has got rocky sleep sometime).

    I really hope this helped. Hit me up directly if you have more concerns related to my reply. m.me/blayderunner123

  • Michael Deatherage

    I have been really wanting to grow a beard for a while but my wife hates it because its pokey and she thinks it’s hard to style. Will these products help with this issue and about how long does the ultimate kit some what last. I mean will I be spending hundreds of dollars just in product a year?

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