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by Fran O'Reilly March 08, 2017

I simply love talking about our beards, I'm not sure if you would have noticed that without me mentioning it, being that I blog about furry faces each and every day for the past couple of years here at 'The Beard Struggle' HQ.

Our furry face forests not only look macho and outright awesome, but they do also carry a certain significance when it comes to our health and wellbeing. Today, I wanted to take the opportunity to voice 4 Real Health Benefits You'll Get From Choosing To Grow A Beard...


It's no secret that in the colder winter months our face fuzz acts as a form of insulation, helping lock in any heat we might produce from our skin, helping to keep Jack Frost from nipping at our toes.

But did you know that beards can also work in the reverse effect? When the summer sun's hot rays are bouncing down upon us helping those who enjoy the sun to top up on their tan. Being a ginger bearded gent, this certainly isn't me. I'm usually the sulky guy you'll find hiding under a tree in the shade, moaning about how hot it is whist unwillingly burning away to a crisp. Back to the topic at hand, your beard actually helps deflect the sun, which may reduce your chances of falling foul to skin damage in the future. Pretty neat, right?


I did discuss this in a previous blog post, but wanted to dive a little deeper into the details. But our beards are real smart, so clever in fact that they can help fight away any nasty allergens that would usually have us puffy eyed and sneezing from the rafters. But how? Well, let me try to explain...

When the air contains these allergens that would usually trigger a bad reaction to those prone to hay fever, animal allergies, dusty conditions etc, what our beards do is work almost as a filter if you will, locking away any nasties whilst stopping them dead in their tracks. This will most likely result in a better tolerance without the need of jumping straight for the antihistamines. Bravo to our beards, I say!


Nine times out of ten when you spy an awesome beard walking down the street, the beholder isn't usually that far away from a beautiful lady on their arm. Reason being? It is believed that beards really push up the ante when it comes to boosting a man's sex life.

Let's think about it for a second, when we kiss our good lady imagine how tickley smooching a fuzzy face must be. Now, switch that to certain bedroom activities shall we say, and you and your 'chosen one' are in for a night of tickles in all the right places, if you catch one's drift?


If you were one of the unlucky ones in school and/or college who often had skin breakouts and irritable spots, chances are you might still have the occasional break out every now and again as an adult.

Thankfully, when we sprout out some beard these troublesome areas usually clear up, never to return ever again. The reason for this being is when you treat your beard to essential oils that are found within our 'TBS' beard oils and balms, not only do they work wonders for your beard, but they also pack a whole host of essential goodness for your skin hidden beneath the fuzz as well.

So, given a little time, those nasty to treat breakouts will soon become a thing of the past, and forever more. Good riddance I say!

There you have it, another beard blog comes to a sweet close for today my fellow readers and furry faced friends. As always we would love to hear from you in regards to today's post, so be sure to take a few moments a side to leave us a little comment or two in the space you'll find proved below this very post.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on... 

Fran O'Reilly
Fran O'Reilly


I'm your daily blogger here at 'The Beard Struggle'. Have a beard related question? Get in touch!

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