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by Fran O'Reilly July 25, 2017

When it comes to growing yourself a little (or alot!) of facial hair we often set ourselves up to fail without intentionally meaning to do so. Today, I wanted to touch base on a small collection of the more common mistakes beardsmen often make in the beginning, on the hope of helping you not follow suit and make similar hiccups along the way. So here are 4 Common Mistakes Made By First Time Beard Noobs...


Here's a mistake many of us fall for, trying to tidy up your face whiskers a little too soon. But what's the real harm? I hear you ask. As long as you are happy with the results, I guess nothing much. But the chances are you will make your whiskers much thinner than you had wished to, as well as heightening your chances of making a beard fatal mistake, such as patching spots and thinning areas.

The best thing to do is allow your beard to fill out and thicken before considering taking any form of trimming device to that furry face of yours. This way you'll not live to regret anything in the face fuzz grooming department.


Ah, that dreaded 'beard itch' phase, I remember it well for all the wrong reasons.

It feels almost as if a cactus is piercing through your face on a hot sandy desert with little to no remorse of ever stopping. But thankfully it doesn't last forever, in fact not too long at all if you are lucky. Maybe a week or a little longer at tops.

So, when that itch begins to tickle like crazy don't you go and give up mister, suck it up and continue on fourth, Brother.


Growing facial hair requires a whole lot of time and patience. Often neither of which are our strong points. So, we have decided we want to grow a beard, and expect this to happen almost overnight, which just isn't the case no matter what products, boosting pills or potions you may have at your disposal.

So, if after a month or so your face gruff isn't matching up to that Google image search you have on your phone, don't sweat it! Just give yourself more time to achieve it instead.

The worst thing you can do right now is give up and shave. Then all that time and effort you have put into growing your fuzz would have been for nothing. Stay focused, stay confident and achieve the beard of your dreams.


Many new folks to the growing game often think 'well, I have managed to grow a beard this far without the need for oils and balms, so why would I start now?' Here's a simple reasoning as to why every beardsmen should use either a beard balm or an oil, or better still why not both!

Without essential oils your facial hair will begin to dry out once it reaches a certain length. As once things get to a reasonable length it will struggle to produce and maintain it's natural moisture, and then the hairs begin to become damaged through general wear and tear. Split ends will begin to appear like wildfire showing no signs of slowing. 

Choosing a a well balanced balm and/or oil will help lock in essential moisture, whilst protecting your face fuzz from the day to day elements such as high/low humidity and the sun's UV rays, whilst further promoting you a long, healthy beard that you so very much deserve. Check out our exclusive 'The Beard Struggle' online store for all your Viking grooming needs.

That sees another post come to a close for today my friends. As always let us have your feedback in the comments section below, have a suggestion for a future blog topic? Let us have it!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

Fran O'Reilly
Fran O'Reilly


I'm your daily blogger here at 'The Beard Struggle'. Have a beard related question? Get in touch!

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