Have you ever taken a light beard trim a little too close? By the term 'too close' I mean had a sudden spontaneous uncontrolled desire to shave off your face fuzz to unveil your naked face hiding below?

Or maybe it was a trimming mistake that led to you having little to no choice other than to shave it off and start over, well today let's have a Thursday musing as we discuss the 3 Stages Of Regret Many Men Face After Shaving...


So, the damage has been done, the world feels much colder, especially on your cheeks (not those cheeks! keep it clean!) and all you are left with is a horrific sight on facial hairs blocking up the bathroom sink plughole and a razor in your hand.

But what did you just do? After looking up at your teary eyed self you spy the reflection of a child crying back at your from the bathroom mirror, it takes a couple of seconds to notice that crying child-like face you spy is actually you!

That's right, you are left with the carnage that is a naked face, which now grants you with a tummy full of instant shame and regret and a baby face to match. Damn.

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After the realization begins to set in, you can't help but question yourself as to why?? why did I do this to myself? Was I drunk? was it a dare from mean friends? or maybe an ongoing bet? only you know why this would have happened, but one thing we can all agree on is you now look unrecognizable for all the wrong reasons.

Mark it as a lesson learned and move forward.


So, still upset from the days happenings you have instantly decided that nakey face is not for you, and you are going to start over growing out your facial forest once more.

You find yourself constantly searching the worldwide interwebs on the hope of discovering something that might help improve and speed up your beard growth skills. You search out liquids, proteins and potions all in the hope of helping spout out those whiskers in record time.

Thankfully given time your facial hair will start to fill out and grow back just how it was before you crazily braved the shave. So let this be a lesson learned, nobody likes a bald face, not even yourself. So, kick back, relax and let it grow, Brother.

As always we would love to read your trimming horror stories, so please be sure to tell us all about them in the comments section you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard ono Brothers, Beard on...


  • Manny

    After 6 months growth for my first beard everything was on point, weekly trims taking away stray hairs and so on.

    Late last night I am not exactly sure where my train of thought was but I reached for the clippers and bam….no….more….beard.

    Instant regret. My chin never used to be this small, where has the definition in my jaw line gone?! I slept and all I could see was my beard! Needless to say not the best move roll on the regrowth.

    Chaps if you contemplate shaving, word of advice…. dont do it.

  • Frank

    Had a shortish beard but grew it out over lockdown and it was probably about 6 inches. Was meant to be growing it until all my friends got back together. Had to make a video for a work leaving montage and decided the longer beard looked strange after sending it to them. So on a whim literally just ‘trimmed’ on close to the longest hair clippers setting and I’ve taken most of it off…..instant regret. Look move weirder with it shorter and now I’ve broken my lockdown vow! Didn’t even take a pre-shave picture.

  • Jonathan

    I was having a little tidy up last night and the guard came off, took half my beard off and sliced by lip open. I am actually feeling really down about it today, realised how much weight I was hiding under there. Motivation to lose weight, but I really can’t even look in the mirror. A beard must be some kind of of barrier/shield to some people, and mine as just been broken :(

  • Daniel

    Man that was stupid. Trying to please someone I shaved my very long beard. I don’t remember doing something so stupid in my adult age. Instant regret. I feel like a naked idiot. Man that was stupid. On all accounts it was stupid. Never again.

  • Eddie

    It’s like I’ve written all the messages I’ve just read myself! I have to shave my beard off last night as I have to be fitted for a respirator mask to wear when treating patients. I imagined I’d just revert to my old face of 10 years ago before I started my beard journey, but the face looking back at me was a stranger. A stranger that must’ve lost his chin in a freak accident. It was disconcerting, unnerving and to put it bluntly shocking. After having a beard so long the image of ourselves we store in our brains must include a beard so therefore it’s actually part of our identity.
    I considered for years to shave it all off and “reboot” but never built up the courage to do it and in hindsight that was a good call, if I’d done it on a whim rather than cos I had no choice I would’ve felt much worse.
    Basically I can’t wait to it to grow back and I plan to leave it there for the remainder!

    (When I open the fridge I feel a chill on my chin FFS)

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